Commonly Asked Questions

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At Remote Air Services we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest changes in the air conditioning industry to ensure you, our most valued customer, is provided with the most accurate products and services.

The following are just a small sample of the most common questions we’re asked, however, if you would like us to help explain any other questions you have feel free to contact us.


What should I consider when locating my air conditioner?

Ventilation for Outdoor Unit eg. distance between fence and house
Noise Annoyance for your family & neighbors
Visual impact & other effect on amenity of the location
Where is the unit going to work the best?
Refrigeration line length & complexity
Suitability of supporting structure or base
Indoor location for quietest placement
Space for equipment & ease of access for maintenance
Drainage as all air conditioners produce water

How long does it take for my system to reach temperature?

There are many variables here and it all depends on the outside temperature and the chosen temperature and how much area is being conditioned compared with what the system was designed to handle.

What is the difference between the manufacturers?

There are many differences between manufacturers, noise level, running costs, reliability and ability to perform in extreme conditions can all vary greatly. Our professional sales consultants will be able to explain the key features and benefits of various brands that are available.

How do I know what unit will suit my home?

A Remote Air Services Consultant will work with you on exactly what your requirements are and make professional recommendations based on that.

Are wall mounted split systems used preferably for heating or cooling?

Wall mounted split systems are highly efficient and very effective, great for both heating and cooling and are generally more suitable where one or a couple of the areas need to be covered.

How often should I have my air conditioning system serviced?

Remote Air Services recommends air conditioning systems are to be serviced yearly for maximum efficiency and best economy of operation. This may differ depending on the operating condition of the system. Naturally simple things like washing filters & the outdoors unit (especially in a dusty or seaside environment) should be done on more regular basis.

What are the advantages of having an evaporative system?

An evaporative cooling system is inexpensive to install and provides reliable low operating costs, air cooling and purifying for most homes where a ducting system can be installed.

How many rooms can a reverse ducted system cool or warm?

It varies a lot depending on the design of the home & ducting system, generally, the largest single system will run about 10 standard outlets/10 small rooms or less with multiple/larger outlets per room. Multiple or *Multi* systems are great options for extremely large homes. A Remote Air Services Consultant is fully trained to work with you to arrive at the best design for your requirements.

What is the most energy efficient temperature to set your air conditioner?

Usually, the less the air conditioner runs the less it costs to operate, so the highest temperature you are happy with on cooling and the lowest temperature that you like for heating are good choices.