Established on July 17, 2013, Remote Air Services caters to the design, construction, integration, and maintenance of essential building services for the mining, healthcare, hospitality and education sectors across Australia. We service Adelaide and surrounding communities with a one-stop process that includes the supply of a broad range of heating and cooling equipment, installations, on-site labor and expert advice. Our team of customer-focused technicians, engineers and installers have been carefully selected to ensure a well-rounded team that can deliver any project to the highest industry standards be it a small job, or a large, complicated installation. Our maintenance department provides excellent care for every system we sell and install to ensure your system optimised and runs safely, smoothly and efficiently.


RIBS is an acronym that reflects how important it is that we have a strong corporate structure grounded in corporate values.
Respect For Each Other

We value diversity and the unique contributions each employee brings to our company. We nurture a trusting, open, inclusive environment where each person is treated with respect.

We are honest, we walk our talk and we inspire trust by saying exactly what we mean. We act ethically and our behavior matches our words. Above all, we take responsibility for our actions right or wrong.
Best People

We are committed to attract, employ, develop and retain the best talent for our business by fostering a collaborative environment that is mutually supportive yet challenging. We hire people that demonstrate that “can-do” attitude and love a challenge.

We follow through on our obligation to build a stronger, better, more flexible and durable company for future generations. We meet our commitments to our stakeholders and we protect the remote Air Services brand. We develop our people and help to improve the communities we live in and the global environment.


Our Service Motto

“Delighting customers, one job at a time”

 Our Service Creed 

  • We provide a warm welcome to our customers from friendly, knowledgeable staff members every time.
  • We show respect to our customers and partners
  • We maintain the highest quality standards in our offerings
  • We help to build the communities we serve


Our Promise to Staff

  • We provide a safe, secure customer-centric environment for our personnel. We encourage, recognise and reward personal development.
  • Our personnel are a part of our family and are treated fairly and respected.
  • We commit to mentoring and developing all staff to instill passion, courage, a pro-active attitude, creativity, consistency and high performance on and off the job.
  • We understand that personnel are the face and ambassadors of our brand. We expect all staff to practice and promote honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, trust, and kindness in all their actions and interactions.


Our Promise to Business Partners and Customers 

  • We promise to communicate honestly, openly and respectfully
  • Our word is our sacred bond. We honour all our agreements verbal and written.
  • We commit to building sustainable relationships with our partners that will result in our ability to provide the best value to our customers.